Well, I could go on about who I am, what I like, how great my two boys are (and they are of course!), and all that. But that's not what this site is about, and likely has little to do with why you are here. If you are interested in that stuff, just ask for the url of my personal page (or google around for it ;).

This web site is dedicated to my professional pursuits (well, mostly). I am a senior developer, specializing in advanced web application design and development, primarily with Perl. I also have experience in project management and personnel management, and have operated as a Product Owner in an Agile development environment. Most of my profesional experience has been in BioInformatics and online gaming. As a consultant I have provided expertise in project planing, database design, programming, and web design for clients ranging in size from small community organizations to world renowned research institutes and multinational companies. I have also facilitated workshops providing training on a range of subjects.

Resume (pdf)