Currently not accepting new engagements

I have experience in training Perl Programming, from Introduction to Advanced, and have developed my own class materials as well as having based workshops off of previously selected materials. I have passed background checks for security clearance to provide training on site at secure government research facilities. I can lead workshops on Perl programming at any level, general LAMP development topics, web application development, and basic to advanced MySQl/SQL usage.

I'm not particularly fond of lectures, and think that days of staring at printouts and watching someone else run example programs are innadequit for training someone to program. As such, I prefer to provide training by facilitating hands-on workshops, with plenty of room for Q&A. Workshops can be almost any length of time, but generally 3-4 day workshops with 6-12 participants are ideal. One-on-one training is also available. Workshops are always taught on-site and are generally 8:30 or 9:00am - 4:30pm.

My rates are $800/day, plus a small per diem food alowance and any travel and lodging expenses incurred. Travel expenses (if I make the arrangements) and one days fee are to be paid in advance. A full refund of the deposit, minus any third-party cancellation fees, will be made if workshop is cancelled at least 15 business days in advance. A $150 cancellation fee will be incurred if cancelled within 15 business days of departure (or the day before the workshops if in Eastern Massachusetts). If the workshop is cancelled after departure then the entire deposit is forfeit, as well as all previously planned travel and lodging expenses.

Resume (pdf)